I Get Asked All The Time How I Get 100s Of Signups

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All My Best Advertising Sites Condensed Into One TINY Page

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Just Like This Little Example From The Page
| RF |

So What Do These Symbols Under The Example Link Mean

8 = How Many Times On This Site You Need To Click Ads Before You Can Send Your MAIL-OUT

RF = With This
Symbol, You Could Send To All The RF Sites (Over 101 of Them) With 2 Clicks
If  You Wanted
, There Is a Special Program For Those Or If Not Just Click 8 Ads And 
Do Mail-Out As Normal

= When You Have Clicked Your 8 Ads On This Site, Some Sites Might Be Click 3 Ads, Or Click 5 Ads,
Now Tick Box So You Know That One Is Ready To Send Your Ads

Now Just Bookmark The Page And Then Its So Easy To Do Your Mailers For 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Day Mailers
And I Update This Page First With All The Newest Mailers And There Is Update Notice On Top Of  Page
All To Make It So Simple For You To Use Daily

Remember To Bookmark Page Or Save Link After Checkout....Thanks
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Its Just One Time $10 And Then You Can Use It Daily


So...think about it.....You click all the 1 Day Mailers, The ones that needs clicks before you can send
once that's done....

Then you can open all of them in different taps and then send to them all one after the other...BOOM

(to open sites in new tab just hit Ctrl+click link with touch-pad or mouse)

Then repeat above for all 2 day mail, And all 3 day mailers and so on

Come back the next day and do all 1 day mailers again

Come back after 2 days and do all 1 day and 2 day mailers again

Come back on 3rd day and do all 1 day, 2 day and 3 day mailers all again

Repeat And Rinse

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